About Us


Hi friends! Welcome to the first installment on our new blog. Why this? Why now? Well, why not?

We’re just two ordinary girls who love ourselves a good F-word: fashion, fitness, food, friendship, fun and most importantly, family. We’ve been sharing and supporting each other in all of these things for many years now and want to expand our circle to include you.

Our shared passions (we realized over wine one night) are beautifully complemented by our individual gifts. We like to joke that Shannon is the pretty and Virginia is the witty. You might recognize Shannon from Latisse and Botox commercials, or one of her many print campaigns. Between us we have amassed over 40 years of experience in the fashion industry ~ Shannon in front of the camera and Virginia on the other side. One a model, the other a writer and marketer, both avidly devoted to the fashion and beauty industries and the concept of living life in charge. 

We took career breaks here and there to focus on raising three boys each but with empty nests on the horizon, we decided to team up and turn back to enjoying all things girly. While neither of us claims to be an expert in anything, we want to share what we know and love with you in the hopes that you’ll do the same with us.

This blog, and our associated social media postings, are all part of our vision to inspire all of you out there to join us in creating an interactive community of women who enjoy sharing what makes you happy and what doesn’t. We don’t want to talk at you. We want to talk with you. So if comparing notes on favorite products, taking on a semi-bearable cleanse together, sharing your best retail finds, a to-die-for recipe or a good “spill the tea” session appeal to you, we’d love you to join us for a virtual and perpetual girl party. It’s what we do anyway, and we definitely believe the more, the merrier

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